PM Modi - Lesser-Known Facts Amazed You

In the realm of Indian politics, Narendra Modi stands as a towering figure. From humble origins to his ascent as Prime Minister, his journey is extraordinary. Yet, amidst the headlines lies a trove of untold stories. Join us in exploring the enigmatic world of Narendra Modi – Stories Beyond Headlines, unraveling the secrets shaping his life and legacy.


Delightful Childhood:

Narendra Modi’s early years were filled with creativity and intellectual pursuits. He was passionate about acting and excelled in school debates and plays, often winning prizes for his performances. Modi also joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC), demonstrating a keen intellect and a drive for self-improvement from a young age. These traits would serve him well in his later years, shaping his journey to political prominence.


The Spiritual Quest:







Inspired by sages and saints, young Narendra Modi had a deep desire to become a monk. After finishing school, he left home to pursue this spiritual quest, spending several months in the Himalayas with ascetic sadhus. However, after two years, Modi returned home, choosing to abandon his ascetic lifestyle. This spiritual journey profoundly influenced his life and future decisions.

RSS Affection:

Modi’s affiliation with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) began in childhood. In 1958, he became a Bal Swayamsevak, steadily increasing his involvement in the organization. Eventually, he left home to become an active member of the Sangh, living at the Ahmedabad headquarters. Here, Modi performed various tasks such as cleaning, making tea, and washing clothes for senior leaders, showcasing his dedication and humility.

A Man of Faith:

Modi’s devout faith is a central aspect of his personality. During the Navratri celebrations, he observes a strict regimen of fasting, consuming only one fruit per day for nine days. His commitment to spiritual practices, including meditation and yoga, reflects his belief in the power of self-discipline and inner strength. This aspect of his life underscores his unwavering dedication to personal and spiritual growth.

The Early Riser:

Narendra Modi is known for his disciplined lifestyle, waking up at 4:00 AM every day. This early morning routine allows him to start his day with clarity and focus, enabling him to tackle challenges head-on. Modi’s belief in the importance of waking up early is a testament to his proactive approach to life and his commitment to productivity and efficiency.

The Author and A Poet:

Few know that Narendra Modi is a prolific writer and poet. He writes in his mother tongue, Gujarati, and has authored several books. Modi is also passionate about photography, with his beautiful collection of photographs earning an exhibition. His literary and artistic pursuits highlight his creative side and his desire to document the historical events shaping modern India.

Study in America:

Narendra Modi attended a three-month course in the United States on Image Management and Public Relations. These courses significantly supported him in refining his personality and impact as a great leader in India. This international exposure helped Modi develop a broader perspective and enhance his leadership skills.

He quite his College Midway:

Passed off from the current state of his life, Modi decided to leave all worldly things and dedicate his life to religious activities. That time, he also quit his college, packed his things and took off from home to travel to Belur Math in Kolkata where he sought shelter. Later on the age of 28 years, in 1978 he did graduation from DU.

Keep Away from Alcohol:

Modi leads a healthy and simple life, abstaining from alcohol, smoking, and other addictions. He follows a strict vegetarian diet and practices yoga every morning. As a young man, Modi even gave up eating salt, oil, and chillies, preferring a ‘Satvik Bhojan’ to maintain his health and metabolism. His disciplined lifestyle underscores his commitment to personal well-being and spiritual purity.

The Tea Seller Turned PM:

Modi’s journey to political prominence began in humble circumstances. As a teenager, he sold tea at a small stall in Ahmedabad’s Vadnagar Railway Station to support his family. This early experience instilled in him the values of hard work and perseverance, which defined his future endeavors. Modi’s rise from a tea seller to the Prime Minister of India is a testament to his determination and resilience.

Work Without Leave:

Before becoming the Prime Minister, Modi served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years without taking a single day off. His unprecedented 12 years and 226 days tenure showcases his dedication and commitment to his work, setting an example of tireless service and devotion to his responsibilities.

Narendra Modi - Shadowed Stories

In addition to his political career, Narendra Modi’s marriage to Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi, arranged at the age of 18, sheds light on his personal life. Despite living separately for much of their lives, their relationship remains a topic of curiosity. Modi’s commitment to his duties as a public servant has often overshadowed his personal life, but his marriage to Jashodaben serves as a reminder of the complexities of balancing familial responsibilities with the demands of leadership. Join us on as we uncover the fascinating nuances of Modi’s personal and political life, delving deeper into the untold stories that define his legacy.

Narendra Modi – Beyond Headlines reveals a complex and multifaceted leader whose journey from humble beginnings to political prominence is marked by resilience, determination, and unwavering faith. These lesser-known facts offer a deeper understanding of Modi’s life and legacy, showcasing the man behind the leader.

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