Lesser Known Facts Amazed You

PM Narendra Modi

Delightful Childhood

Modi excelled in acting and debates, showing intellect and drive from a young age.

Spiritual Quest

Young Modi left home to become a monk, living in the Himalayas with ascetic sadhus for months.

RSS Affection

Modi joined RSS in 1958, and performed various tasks like cleaning, making tea, and washing clothes for senior leaders.

Work Without Leave

As Gujarat CM, Modi never took a day off in 13 years, showcasing his dedication to his work.

Tea Seller Turned PM

Modi's journey from a tea seller at Vadnagar Railway Station to India's Prime Minister is inspiring.

Study in America

Modi completed a three-month course in the US on Image Management and Public Relations.

A Man in Faith

Modi fasts during Navratri, consuming one fruit per day, showing his spiritual discipline and strength.

Early Riser

Modi wakes up at 4:00 AM daily, starting his day with clarity and focus, showcasing his discipline.

Author and A Poet

Modi writes poems and books in Gujarati, and his photography has been exhibited in art galleries.

Keep Away from Alcohol

Modi leads a healthy lifestyle, abstaining from alcohol and smoking, following a strict vegetarian diet.